West Hartford Democrats endorse Jonathan Harris for Governor

West Hartford’s favorite son, Jonathan Harris, was formally endorsed by the West Hartford Democratic Party to run for Governor of Connecticut on the Democratic ticket last evening of March 8th at the West Hartford town hall.

https://www.facebook.com/events/1593625297424670/?active_tab=aboutFrom the Hartford Courant article: “I get things done,’’ the 53-year-old Democrat told more than 50 supporters gathered on a sidewalk in West Hartford Center. “I have the ability to hit the ground running on Day 1 and tackle our toughest challenges.”

Harris’ platform includes support for paid family leave and pay equity for women as well as investments in job-training programs to encourage young people to settle in Connecticut.

An attorney who also served as a State Senator and State Consumer Protection Commissioner, Harris has been formally exploring a run since April and has raised more than $200,000.

“Jonathan’s eye has always been on the horizon,’’ said state Sen. Beth Bye, who has known Harris for 17 years and has endorsed his gubernatorial bid. “He’s always had big ideas.’’

“Jonathan was instrumental for putting West Hartford on the map,’’ said the town’s current mayor, Shari Cantor. “We would not be ranked one of the top communities in the country without the added vitality and economic development that Jonathan foresaw and helped navigate through.’’

A phrase was taught to him by his parents and grandparents. “When something is wrong, you stand up and you fight to fix it,’’ he said. “You treat everyone with dignity and respect. This is what I was raised to believe.”

If you would like to donate and support Jonathan’s campaign – please visit his website here

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  6. Jonathan Harris’ Facebook Page is here – facebook.com/harrisforct


A message from our Town Chair regarding 2018…

This is such an exciting time for our town! Jonathan Harris officially announced his run for Governor last Saturday! It is now time for us to capitalize on this.

As such, I am moving our DTC meeting from March 15th to March 8th. The purposes of this meeting will be to officially endorse Jonathan Harris and to elect our Officers for the coming two years. We will have some other business to discuss as well.

We will also have a meeting on March 27th at 7 PM in Town Hall Auditorium. The purpose of this meeting will be to endorse our slate of delegates to the State Convention. You will be hearing from your District Chairs in the days to come regarding delegate selection.

What a proud time to be a West Hartford Democrat! I look forward to seeing all of you and working with you in the coming months. Thank you. Go! Fight! Win!

Jon Slifka

Town Chair, West Hartford Connecticut Democrats

WHDCT jon slikfa west hartford ct


UPDATE: Please join the District 9 Democrats on March 28th

District 9 Democrats for the WHDTC
Meet the District 9 Democrats: Gregory Shimer, Alan Kozan,  (chair) Gail Crockett, Janee Woods, Bob Facey, Stu Mahler, Scot Arlen and Ricki Baltimore
Please join the District 9 Democrats from the West Hartford DTC on March 28th for a meet&greet. If you vote at Hall High and want to learn more about the Democrats in West Hartford, then please join us at the Senior Center in Bishops Corner from 530p to 730p. We look forward to meeting you!
We are getting together to discuss the issues of the day and our District as well as introduce the Chair, Gail Crockett and the representatives of District 9 in West Hartford.
If you vote at Hall High school and are a Democrat or want to learn how to be – please join us at 530p.
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2018​ ​Convention​ ​&​ ​Election​ ​Timeline

State,​ ​Congressional​ ​&​ ​Local​ ​Conventions


● March​ ​6:​ ​​Town​ ​Committees​ ​Primary​ ​date ● March​ ​7:​​ ​Town​ ​Committees​ ​begin​ ​term

● March​ ​7​ ​–​ ​April​ ​5:​​ ​Town​ ​Committees​ ​must​ ​vote​ ​and​ ​select​ ​their​ ​officers


● Prior​ ​to​ ​March​ ​9:​ ​​State​ ​Party​ ​Chairman​ ​appoints​ ​Pre-Convention​ ​Rules​ ​and​ ​Pre-Convention​ ​Platform Committees

● March​ ​27–​ ​April​ ​3:​ ​​Town​ ​Committees​ ​select​ ​delegates​ ​for​ ​all​ ​conventions

● April​ ​4:​​ ​Delegate​ ​certification​ ​forms​ ​due​ ​to​ ​Town​ ​Clerk

● April​ ​13​ ​–​ ​April​ ​23:​ ​​Democratic​ ​State​ ​Central​ ​Committee​ ​elections​ ​and​ ​Permanent​ ​Convention​ ​Committee elections ● State​ ​Convention:​ ​​May​ ​18​ ​-​ ​May​ ​19

● U.S​ ​House​ ​of​ ​Representatives​ ​Conventions:​ ​​May​ ​9​ ​–​ ​May​ ​29

● Multi-Town​ ​State​ ​House​ ​Conventions:​ ​​May​ ​9​ ​–​ ​May​ ​29

● State​ ​Senate​ ​Conventions:​​ ​May​ ​9​ ​–​ ​May​ ​29 ● Judge​ ​of​ ​Probate​ ​(multi-town):​​ ​May​ ​9​ ​–​ ​May​ ​29

● Local​ ​(​Single-Town​)​ ​Election​ ​Endorsements​: ​​ May​ ​22​ ​-​ ​May​ ​29​

​ (These include State Wide Candidates,Registrars​ of Voters, State House Districts and Judge of Probate)

● August​ ​14:​ ​​Primary​ ​Election​ ​Day

● November​ ​6:​​ ​General​ ​Election​ ​Day

District Caucus schedule

West Hartford Democratic Town Committee (WHDTC) will hold District caucuses on January 11th and 12th 2018. All caucus session will start at 7:00 pm. These caucuses will endorsed candidates for elections to the WHDTC for the next two years. These term will start on March 1st, 2018.

If you are a registered Democrat in West Hartford, you can participate in these caucuses. The location of your caucus will be at the location you last voted in the 2017 election. See the list below.

The following are the dates and locations of each Caucus:

January 11th, 2018

District 1 – Aiken Elementary School

District 2 – Bristow Middle School

District 3 – Town Hall

District 4 – Elmwood Community Center

District 5 – Wolcott Elementary School

District 6 – Conard High School

District 7 – Butterfly Chinese Restaurant

District 9 – Hall High School

January 12th, 2018

District 8 – Braeburn Elementary School