A message from our Town Chair:

Jonathan Slifka, Chairman of the West Hartford Democratic Town Committee (WHDTC).

The Democratic Town Committee has an increased focus on trying to reach younger residents in town, and to show them that by getting involved their voices can be heard and will be heard! If you haven’t had a chance to be involved in the democratic process, I encourage you to join us by volunteering and signing up.  I look forward working with you, and welcome aboard!

Your Democratic Elected Officials…

 Town Council:

  • Mayor, Shari Cantor
  • Judy Casperson
  • Dallas Dodge
  • Deputy Mayor, Leon Davidoff
  • Beth Kerrigan
  • Ben Wenograd

 Town Clerk:

  • Essie Labrot

 Board of Education:

  • Carol A. Blanks
  • Cheryl Greenberg
  • Dave Pauluk
  • Mark Overmyer-Velazquez


  • Owen Eagan


  • Gail Crockett