Kleinman/O’Toole Scholarship

The Kleiman Scholarship is a scholarship that is sponsored by the West Hartford Democratic Party that honors the commitment and service the Kleinman family gave to the community of West Hartford for many years in the name of the Democratic Party.

If you are interested in applying for the scholarship – you simply need to be a resident of West Hartford, Connecticut, a graduating senior who is active in community programs, and have had taking courses in Government and or Civics and holding a above average GPA.  Most scholarships are $500 and are awarded to deserving students who actively contribute to the community, and reflect Democratic values in their everyday lives.

Please contact your high school guidance counselor. The guidance counselors will compile your information against our criteria of expectations.

We will announce the winners before graduation. We will also expect you to come to the WHDTC after you have been awarded to celebrate your achievement.  Be a part of the Democratic community in West Hartford and show us who you really are!

The following listed are past award winner:


Alexandra Stiber & Family  – Conard High

Lindley Gorman & Family – Conard High

Megan Striff-Cave & Family  – Hall High


Maeve Maloney & Family  – Conard High

Grace Burns & Family – Conard High

Jessica Xu & Family  – Hall High


Adam Giroux – Conard High

Olivia Starr – Conard High

Ilana Davidoff – Hall High


Pei Ivins – Conard High

Madeline DeFilippis – Hall High

Amanda Youmans – Hall High


Anna Schone – Conard High

Jocob Cantor – Hall High


Emma Briggs – Conard High

Ethan Swain – Hall High

Murtaza Zaidi – Hall High


Tess Woods – Conard High

Zachary Roth – Hall High

Aaron Meyers-Weinerman – Hall High