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Shari Cantor, MAYOR

Mayor Cantor has been in public service since 2004 when she first joined the Town Council. A native of West Hartford, Shari Cantor has been Deputy Mayor since 2012 and Mayor since May 2016. “It’s an honor to serve as mayor to a community as diverse, vibrant, and caring as West Hartford,” said Cantor. “I … Continue reading

Leon Davidoff – West Hartford Town Councilman

Leon Davidoff is now in his sixth Council term. Currently, he chairs the Public Safety Committee, and has served on every Council subcommittee. Davidoff was Chair of the TPZ (planning and zoning) prior to his election to the Council. Davidoff has actively served the community as Newington Chamber of Commerce … Continue reading

Beth Kerrigan – Deputy Mayor

Deputy Mayor Beth Kerrigan is in her second term on the Town Council.  She is married and has two sons, Fernando and Carlos, who are sophomores at Hall High School. She has a B.S. in … Continue reading

Ben Wenograd – West Hartford Town Councilman

Ben Wenograd is in his second term on Town Council, where he served as chair of Community Planning and Physical Services and on Human Services. A graduate of Wesleyan University and Northeastern University School of Law, as well as Duffy, Sedgwick, and Conard, Wenograd works for the American Federation of Teachers … Continue reading

Dallas Dodge – West Hartford Town Councilman

Dallas Dodge grew up in West Hartford, where he attended Webster Hill Elementary School and Sedgwick Middle School. He graduated from Conard High School in 2002, where he played football and lacrosse. A hardcore Huskies fan, Dodge received both undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Connecticut. He currently serves … Continue reading

Liam SweeneyWest Hartford Town Councilman

Liam Sweeney is a lifelong resident of West Hartford. He attended Morley, King Philip, and Hall High School, and was a captain of the Hall High basketball team. Sweeney is a graduate of Temple University. After graduating from Temple, he went on to work for Senator Dodd and other various federal, … Continue reading



Board of Education Member – Dr. Cheryl Greenberg

Dr. Cheryl Greenberg has lived in West Hartford since 1990 with her husband, Dan Lloyd. Their two daughters are both graduates of West Hartford public schools, Whiting Lane, King Philip, and Hall High School. She has served on a number of boards in West Hartford including the West Hartford Initiative on … Continue reading

Board of Education Member – Deb Polun

Deb Polun is a West Hartford resident and school parent whose children attended Aiken, King Philip and Hall High School. Her son, Jordan, is a 2016 Hall High School graduate and a sophomore at University at Albany; daughter, Megan is a Junior at Hall. Deb and her husband Ian, an … Continue reading

Board of Education Member – Lorna Thomas-Farquharson

Lorna Thomas-Farquharson has lived in West Hartford for over 17 years.  She grew up on the South Shore of Massachusetts and attended Spelman College in Atlanta, GA receiving her BA in Psychology.  She completed 2 years of clinical research at Boston University School of Medicine before moving to West … Continue reading

Board of Education Member – David Pauluk 

Dave Pauluk has been a resident of West Hartford since 2000. He is an Army veteran who also spent 5 years teaching English in Japan. He is a Senior Compliance Specialist with Cigna and has worked in the insurance/financial services field for over 20 years. A firm believer in continuing education, Dave has earned a number of prestigious industry designations, and has been named a Fellow of the Financial Services Institute. He holds a BA in Political Science from California State University and a Master’s in Financial Services …Continue reading

Board of Education Member – Carol Anderson-Blanks

Carol A. Blanks has resided in West Hartford since 1996 with her husband Charles, and three daughters, Channen, a Conard graduate, and Cynthia and Kaye, currently juniors at Conard. She is a past PTO member and parent volunteer at Charter Oak International Academy, at Florence E. Smith STEM School of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, and at Sedgwick Middle School; and is a present PTO member at Conard High School. She has served as a member of the West Hartford Democratic Town Committee, a Commissioner for the State of Connecticut Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Commission, a former coach for WHGBL minor division  …Continue reading