WHDTC Leadership

In an effort to get to know more people in the great town of West Hartford and engage more and more local Democrat voters and undecided activists who are looking for partners in today’s difficult world to make a difference, the West Hartford Democratic Town Committee have created this directory to help you reach our leadership easier.

There are nine (9) voting districts in West Hartford and they are all based on the voting locations of the town. Your District Chair is your first step in reaching out to us. Look for them below based on your voting poll station and where you last voted. We look forward to meeting you!

John Bailey, Chairperson – email link

Tifanni McGinnis, Vice-Chairperson – email link

Steve Derby, Secretary – email link

Jaime Marinan, Treasurer – email link

Alexis Davidoff, Asst Secretary – email link

Kerry Boyle, Asst Treasurer – email link

District 1: Chair – Adam Raider (King Phillip Middle School) – email link | Vice-Chair – Alex Davidoff – email link

District 2: Chair – Win Heimer (Bristow School) Chair- email link | Vice-Chair – James Healy – email link

District 3: Chair – Barry Walters, District 3 (West Hartford Town Hall) – email link | Vice-Chair – Shannon Wegele – email link

District 4: Chair – Rosemarie Tate (Elmwood) – email link | Vice-Chair – Steve Derby – email link

District 5: Barbara Vercelli, (Wolcott School) – email link | Vice-Chair – Maureen Magnan – email link

District 6: Chair- Marsha Adell (Conard) – email link | Vice-Chair – Steven Kovack – email link

District 7: Chair- Dan Firestone (Sedgewick) – email link | Vice-Chair – Alan Darling – email link

District 8: Chair – Bob Hurvitz (Braeburn School) – email link | Vice-Chair – Kathleen Costello – email link

District 9: Chair – Bob Facey, (Hall High School) – email link | Vice-Chair – Gail Crockett – email link